How Outsourced Testing can help Your Company

outsourced testing

Outsourcing anything to another company can always be scary. Testing is one of the most valuable things for any software that is being developed and yet outsourcing your testing to others can also add some tremendous value.

There is almost no way to keep up with the ever evolving amount of devices there are to test on in the real world that your customers are using.

With the above in mind that is why working with a testing company that has access to a number of testers and devices to test on can add a lot of value to the results an outside company can provide for testing.

For the same reasons you would have a proof reader read over something you write, you would also want to have someone else test your software.

You might say well out testers did not write the code so that this why they review from a testing standpoint, but even at that they could have company “blinders” on and someone outside the company could provide great insight on usably.

outsourced testing

One other major advantage is workload offload for your testers, say you decide you want to offload 10% of your testing so your testers have a bit more time for something else, then one of your testers leave. During the hiring and training process of the new person you could then offload say 20% of your overall testing so that way the other testers are not impacted as much when there is turn over on the team.

So if you need an Android Tester or an iOS Tester someone at tgfmSolutions can help you with all of your testing needs from automated regression testing to manual data verification and everything in-between.

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