tgfmSolutions is an up-and-coming freelancing company made up of dedicated website developers who strive to make sure that you get everything you could hope for in a website for low prices. The company prides itself in its meager size because it means that tgfmSolutions has little to no overhead fees and charges. That means that it can pass the savings on to you as the customer. Quality website design is tgfmSolutions’ top priority, and they're trained professionals are here to help.


tgfmSolutions has nearly all the services that you could want when you need a great website. The company specializes in website design, PHP development, Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal website design, automated web testing and much more. If you are looking for a company to design and personalize your website, then tgfmSolutions can make it happen.


If you run a business and would like to get it adapted for commerce and marketing on the World Wide Web, then tgfmSolutions can help you get that done. Their website developers and staff are trained experts in establishing a business or company on the Internet. They provide services for promoting social media and making sure that your website becomes a hub for social traffic. They can establish an eCommerce website for you; you can rest assured that it will be managed by some of the most skilled developers in the trade. Low-cost web design is a guarantee for both business websites and personal websites. An affordable web host is also important. Reviews on eHost shows the pros and cons. Make sure to read first before making a decision.

Whether it is a personal site, a business site or just a database, tgfmSolutions will make sure that you are satisfied with your project.


Even your Wordpress website can become a center for social traffic. This free-lance company is happy to take on any website-related services for low prices. This includes your marketing sites, databases, Joomla websites and much more.


So, for high-quality web design and management that’s worth every penny contact tgfmSolutions for the solution to your website needs today.



tgfmSolutions would love to be a part of your next or current web project, most of our clients are surprised with how great there sites look when everything is finished. If you would like to take a look at some of our past work feel free to look over this page.

In My Dream

On this site people can sign up and post the dreams that they have, the dreams are then posted to the sites Facebook and twitter account.

share your dreams online image


Puppies Getaway

This is a site where the owners post the puppies that they have and display all of the dogs that they own in the kennel that they run, the puppies they post are posted to there facebook and twitter account. This is a Joomla site and has pay-pal integration for payment.



This is a news site, there are a few people that post to this site, there is a custom made backed that lets them post the links to the landing page, this site also has a custom built commenting system that they place on the articles that they make.




On this site users and start a "fundraiser" and take donations from, it is integrated with pay-pal so when a payment is made it auto updates the system with the payment.


Home Page

tgfmSolutions is here for All Your Website Design Needs

At tgfmSolutions we will help you with any of your web projects. Contact us today for your FREE QUOTE.

Don't just settle for a cookie cutter site when you can get a custom site for a cookie cutter price. 

Do you need a great website designed for you for a reasonable price? Do you need your social media and marketing managed by an expert? Are you having a hard time finding a low-cost web design company to format and develop your site? Are you looking for someone to develop automated web testing scripts for your site? Then tgfmSolutions is the best option for you. tgfmSolutions can meet all of your web needs for a fraction of the cost of other service providers. For your web hosting solutions, you may wish to see this iPage review to know if it's a good fit for your business. They also offer some useful free tools such a CSS3 Button Generator.

For high-quality web design and management that’s worth every penny contact tgfmSolutions for the solution to your website needs today.


  • Website Design
  • Test Automation
  • Manual Testing
  • Test Documentation
  • Web Hosting
  • Database Hosting
  • Database Driven - Feedback Form
  • Payment Integration
  • Manageable Photo Gallery
  • Password Protected Login Page
  • Message Board/Forum
  • Social Network Setup
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Design for Marketing
  • Web SEO
  • Advertizing
  • Joomla Design
  • Wordpress Design
  • Website Hosting Plans
  • typo3 Setup
  • impressCMS Setup
  • Joomla Setup
  • WordPress Setup
  • vTiger CRM
  • Webmaster Service
  • Instant Quote Calculator
  • Custom PHP Work
  • If you Have any other web related projects just let us know